McLibel trial exposes company lies

Red Pepper, February 1996

AFTER becoming the longest civil court case in British legal history last December the McLibel case moves on to the corporation's involvement in environmental destruction on 22 February.

McDonald's have to some extent already implicated themselves. After stating in a 1982 corporate letter that 'the only Brazilian beef used by McDonald's is that purchased by the six located in Brazil itself', McDonald's executive witnesses were hard-pressed to explain an internal company document which revealed that beef purchased from Brazil had been used in UK burger bars in 1983-4.

Dr Gomez Gonzales, McDonald's International Meat Purchasing Manager, has admitted in court that Brazilian-reared beef has been imported during the 1990s for use in McDonald's Swiss and Argentinian stores.

Another witness to watch is Ray Cesca, McDonald's Director of Global Purchasing. He has already revealed that McDonald's first Costa Rican store used beef reared on tropical forest land levelled just 10 years previously. If you would like to see how Ray Cesca explains that, then go and see him grilled; the court case is open to the public and is in room 35, High Court, The Strand, London.

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