March 1996

A site on the World Wide Web has been launched, to provide a freely available Interactive library of information about MacDonalds. Drawing heavily on material exposed during the ongoing McLibel trial, the site is a direct challenge to the efforts to censor and suppress information on multinational companies like MacDonalds.

McSpotlight combines text, graphics, video and audio, and will hopefully be attractive enough to spread the truth about the company's malpractices to those who might not have read much so far, including the company's current employees and customers.

If you are connected, you can visit the site at Meanwhile the trial has reached the section on McDonalds alleged contribution to the destruction of the rainforests, through its use of cattle ranched on former forest land. The company's witnesses have admitted that 5 shipments of Brazilian beef were secretly made to McDonalds UK, and their International Meat Purchasing Manager admitted that their stores in Switzerland and Argentina also used Brazilian beef.

As well as this, even EC beef, used by McDonalds in the UK, contributes to environmental destruction in Brazil, due to their export of soya for cattle feed, also grown on former rainforest land.

Witnesses being called include an expert on 'beef relabelling' [Imported beef being sold on as domestic] and a former cattle rancher of 20 years experience testifying on the methods and effects of cattle ranching.

The campaign still needs money to help pay the travelling expense of the witnesses etc:

McLibel, c/o 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX.

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