McDonald's Vs Chrissie Hynde

Lead singer of the Pretenders, Chrissie Hynde called on fans to boycott McDonald's over its invovlement in tropical rainforest destruction. This lead to McDonald's serving her with the threat of court action.

Hamburger Chain Challenges Singer

Shyama Perera

12th June 1989

The pop singer Chrissie Hynde has until 4pm today to give a public undertaking that she will not tell fans to boycott and damage McDonald's restaurants.

The company has threatened legal action if Ms Hynde, lead singer with the Pretenders, refuses. Police confirmed that they are considering charges of "incitement to criminal damage".

To add to the confusion caused by Ms Hynde's statements, a fire bomb went off in the McDonald's restaurant in central Milton Keynes on Saturday, seconds after staff cleared hundreds of customers out of the building.

Although there is no direct evidence to link the attack with her comments, made last Thursday at a Greenpeace campaign launch, it is being considered as a possibility. As a vegetarian, Ms Hynde has previously declared her dream is to put the hamburger chain out of business. On Thursday, she is alleged to have called on fans to petrol bomb the chain - although she was later reported to have denied suggesting any aggression.

Detective Inspector Alan Partridge of Milton Keynes police, said there was no warning about the incendiary device at McDonald's, which was spotted by staff. "We would guess that it was left by an animal rights group, but nobody has claimed responsibility."

McDonald's has previously been criticised for using CFC's in packaging - a practice that was dropped more than a year ago - and being responsible for deforestation in South America.

A McDonald's spokeswoman denied that the company was involved in any environmentally damaging projects. "We have grazed the same land in South America for a hundred years," she said.

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