McDonald's to launch first restaurant in Delhi next week

The Indian Express

Wednesday 9 October 1996; India

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INTERNATIONAL fast food, McDonald's, is all set to open its first restaurant in India here in the capital on October 13.

McDonald's Delhi launch will be followed by opening of its restaurant in Mumbai. The company had signed up with two India partners, Connaught Plaza restaurants, Delhi and Hardcastle Restaurants, Mumbai, in April 1995 to open outlets in both the cities.

The restaurants will be located near Priya cinema in Basant Lok.

Though McDonald's got the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) clearance for its fast food chain in 1991, it has taken them five long years to announce their first restaurant in India.

Vikram Bakshi, managing director, McDonald's (Delhi), however, said "the project has moved according to our plans and there was no delay as it is and we are not deterred in any way by the KFC episode.

"The said in fact it took McDonald's much longer to start operations in China and Russia as finding the right raw materials locally is a big task.

"We were busy tying up with local companies for sourcing raw materials according to our specifications," Bakshi added.

McDonald's the world over adopts a novel way of building up sourcing arrangement under which no agreement is signed between the company and the local supplier.

"We develop a relationship on the basis of trust and a mere handshake," Bakshi said.

McDonald's India at present purchases 98 per cent of its food and paper from local companies.

Asked whether the menu will be altered to suit the Indian palette, he said:

"We will surely take into consideration the Indian requirements and a variety of vegetarian dishes will be part of our regular course."

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