The Age (Melbourne, Australia)
Tuesday 20, February 1996

Spotlight On Mac

European critics of McDonald's food and business policies, two of whom are being sued for libel by the fast-food chain, are taking their complaints to the Internet.

The McSpotlight World Web page will keep interested parties up-to-date on what has become England's longest trial, a 20 month long $5 million libel action by the restaurant company against two jobless British vegetarians.

By distributing their criticism of the global food company over the Internet, to which more than 50 million people around the world have access, the web pages sponsors hope to stimulate debate about what is "fair comment" and what is libel.

Up to now, most efforts to inhibit material on the Internet has consisted of government fforts to ban pornography.

"McSpotlight will realign the debate on the fundamental issue," said the Web page's sponsor, McInformation Network, run by volunteers in 14 countries.

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