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March 1996

First McLibel, now McSpotlight

McSpotlight, an Internet site to provide an on-line library of information about McDonald's is the latest tool in the campaign to challenge the multinational corporation.

Compliled by a team of volunteers working from 14 different countries, some of the highlights of McSpotlight are:

The McLibel support campaign which is supportive of- but independent >from - McSpotlight, welcomes the launch of the Internet site. Commenting on the launch of the Internet site, Helen Steel and Dave Morris said, 'We have been defending the right to criticise multi-national corporations for over five years since McDonald's served the writs on us. The campaign is clearly unstoppable: McSpotlight now makes freely available across the globe everything they don't want the public to known - and in the kind of detail that all those who value the truth will appreciate. We're backing McSpotlight one hundred per cent'.

The McLibel trial is currently hearing evidence on the connections between the McDonald's corporation and the destruction of rainforests, perticularly in Central and South America.

McSpotlight Internet Site:

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