McLibel Mailing List to Change Hands

18th August 1998

Dear McLibellers,

I was recently surprised with an illness that requires me to put a lot of energy into getting well. As a result I can no longer be the moderator of the McLibel mailing list.

The McLibel campaign has been an extraordinary adventure, and I would especially like to thank Dave for getting me involved, Helen for her great work, and Dan Mills, who selflessly and efficiently ran the London Support office for so many years.

I've been impressed from the beginning by the depth and intelligence of the people who have been attracted to this campaign. The contributions of the many fine minds has made the list a source of wonderment and growth for me. Rather than leave anyone out, I would just like to thank everyone who has contributed to our joint enterprise. A Zipped archive of the list is now available for download from This should be downloadable for a few more weeks. The mailing list will continue to be archived by Allen Schubert at

Incidentally, "" is the address of the Software Tool and Die Company of Boston USA, who has hosted us on their majordomo server all these years. Their first rate tech crew was always there when I called. I could never have managed all of the puzzling UNIX configuration and maintenance work without their help.

My best regards to you all. You are the hope of the world.


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