McWorld Cup-Sat. 11th July

Get yer boots on....
EF!F.C. Presents:

McWORLD CUP!!! Sat.11th July 1998

Activist groups worldwide are invited to participate in the first ever "McWORLD CUP" to take place in your local McDonald's on the 11th July 1998.

As you may or may not be aware, everyone's favourite planet and people destroying multinational corporation, is an official sponsor of the World Cup '98. So why not enter into the spirit of things and organise your very own "McWorld Cup" football tournament inside your local McDonald's restaurant/stadium.

Players sporting anti-multinational sloganed footbal strips can slog it out in 90 minutes of sheer hell, sweat, Coke and fries! Footballs can be painted up like our dear old Earth to symbolise what McDonalds do to the planet, day after day after day.....

McWORLD CUP- it's not the winning that matters- it's the taking part!!!

No McDonald's nearby?- don't miss out! Adapt the theme to fit any multinational earth-rapist people-abuser corporation.

PS.Sat 11th July is the day before the actual World Cup final- milk this for publicity!!!

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