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May 1999

J18 Anti-McDonald's Protest

On Friday 18th of June thousands of people will come to party and protest in the City of London. Why the City of London? The City of London produces nothing of real use to people, while it's financial transfers serve only to rob the poor to give to the rich and result in the continued exploitation of people, animals and the environment. McDonald's is as much a player in this game as CityBank, ICI or BAe. They occupy an important place in the trading floors of the world markets, have become one of the largest retail outlets in the world and continue to expand on the back of the 'success' of their share prices. McDonald's is a central part, just as the City itself is, of the capitalist economic system which fails to provide for people's needs.

Imagine financial districts across the world filled not with profit and plunder but with the sounds and rhythms of party, pleasure and protest.

In this system aggressive competition between corporates such as McDonald's and Burger King, for example, results in desperate attempts to increase the market. This means more exploitation of workers, an increase in the killing of millions of animals each year, the promotion of an unhealthy diet and the continued destruction of the environment.

Takeovers of other companies and expansion into new countries or regions are easily identifiable as attempts at gaining more corporate power and profits. Corporations like McDonald's aim to expand continually and claim they are creating more choices for the public, but the reality is the opposite, with increasing uniformity, less choice and the undermining of local communities.

Decisions made in the Square Mile have direct consequences in your community so make your voice heard on June 18. Corporations are part of the problem, and can never be part of the solution. Let the corporations know that we're not just making demands or asking for concessions. We want to build strong, diverse communities in which everyone has control of their lives and shares the world's resources in an ecologically sustainable way. Do not underestimate the power of your resistance

J18 Anti-McDonald's Protests
Friday JUNE 18th 1999 - City of London

Take the day off and join in this global day of action against capitalism, 'the City' and McDonald's. Bring things to make music, radios, food to share, ideas and most of all you and your friends.

11am: Picket of McDonald's store
Meet: McDonald's, Liverpool Street BR station

4pm: Picket of Aroma store (McDonald's bought the Aroma cafe chain earlier this year)
Meet: Bishopsgate entrance of Liverpool Street BR station

For further info contact:
London Greenpeace: 0171 - 713 - 1269
Reclaim The Streets: 0171 - 281 - 4621
email: / web:

Other events on the day include:

  • 7:30 am - Critical mass cycle action - Meet West Smithfield, EC1.

  • 10:00 am - Picket of Reed Employment Agency, 87 Moorgate, EC2 (over 'New Deal' harassment of claimants). Further info call Haringey Solidarity Group 0181-374 -5027.

  • 10:30 am - 'Animal abuse is as transnational as Capital' meet Farringdon tube to demonstrate against Smithfields meat market and other animal abusers. Further info call 0171-278-3068.

  • 12:00 noon - Carnival against Capital - meet Liverpool Street Station. Dress to blend in as office workers, cycle couriers or tourists.

  • 12:00 noon - Global chain reaction - human chain around treasury in Whitehall, meet 11am, bring banners, whistles, creativity.

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