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Supporters Letter
May/ June 1999

Dear Friends

A GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION against financial institutions (banks, multinational corporations etc) is planned for Friday JUNE 18th (J18). Take the day off and join in [see enclosed leaflet for details]. 'J18' day is timed to coincide with the 'G7' world leaders meeting in Koln, Germany. So far there are actions (ranging from pickets and occupations to strikes and street parties) planned in over 72 cities (including 16 UK towns that week) in 35 countries. We encourage everyone who's opposed to the oppression, exploitation and destruction caused by these institutions to participate on the day, and to get involved with planning actions. Why not get together with friends and organise your own action on that day.

In London thousands of people will come to protest and party in 'The City' of London. A diverse range of groups, including London Greenpeace, have organised events on the day. We will be picketing McDonald's at Liverpool St Station, 12 noon, and Aroma at 135 Bishopsgate, 4pm (McDonald's bought the Aroma cafe chain earlier this year) [See enclosed flyer]. Please come along. General J18 info/leaflets etc - contact RTS 0171 281 4621, email: web:

McLIBEL - MORE VICTORIES. Since our last mailout in spring 1998, the global campaign against McDonald's has continued to grow - mass distribution of leaflets by thousands of local activists, millions of hits to 'McSpotlight', many determined residents campaigns against new stores, a crew unionisation success in a store in America for the first time and general bad publicity for the Corporation as a result of the McLibel case. In March this year the McLibel Appeal resulted in further important victories for campaigners [see 'More McAgony'].

The Defendants are now preparing an application to the House of Lords, and after that will go to the European Court of Human Rights if necessary to seek to overturn the UK's oppressive libel laws. For this reason we are making a financial appeal for McLibel - Funds have run very low, and we urgently need funds for legal costs (transcripts, photocopying of papers for court etc). Donations will be greatly appreciated (Cheques to McLibel Support Campaign).

Don't forget October 16th - Worldwide Anti-McDonald's Day. Please picket your local store (contact Veggies if you would like to 'adopt' your local store, leaflets are also available from them at cost price. 01159 585666).

McLIBEL 2 SUE MET POLICE COMMISSIONER. In September 1998 Helen and Dave launched proceedings against the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, claiming damages for misfeasance in public office, breach of confidence and breach of their right to privacy. Their claim results from actions of police officers, including Special Branch officers, which came to light as a result of the McLibel trial. Police officers had passed private and in some cases false information about the McLibel 2 (and some other protestors), including their home addresses, to McDonald's and to private investigators hired by McDonald's to infiltrate London Greenpeace.

During the trial Sid Nicholson, McDonald's Head of Security and a former Met Chief Superintendent, stated from the witness box that McDonald's security department were 'all ex-policemen' and if he ever wanted to know information about protestors he would go to his contacts in the police, (day 249 p38). This collusion between the police and a multinational corporation against members of the public exposes the political role of the police in ensuring the wheels of big business keep turning. The case is expected to be heard later this year.

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