McDonald's Manipulation of the Media

McLibel Support Campaign

21st January 1998

Bob Carter, a US author and travel journalist, sent a letter to McDonald's Corporation requesting information for an article he was researching regarding food-oriented museums. He received a letter dated October 1, 1997 from a Lydia Kiefer, U.S. Communications, McDonalds Corporation which stated, in part,

"I need for you to submit the context of how you intend to use McDonald's in your travel newspapers and magazines and I will review it. The context containing references to McDonald's will only be shown in a positive light and nothing negative will be stated or implied about McDonald's."

He responded to Ms. Kiefer: "Have you heard of censorship and freedom of the press?"

Additionally, he submitted the letter to the North American Travel Journalists Association and it was published in their membership newsletter, November 1997, stating his concerns about freedom of the press.

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