If You Visit One Web Site This Week, Make It: McSpotlight

Jim McClellan

The Sunday Observer, March 4 1996

At times it may seem like the Web is in danger of being turned into a digital playground for multinational corporations. But thankfully, the technology is still affordable and accessible enough to allow others to have their say.

Activists and critics of the multinationals have been quick to seize on the possibilities. McSpotlight, for example, is the excellent new Site started in support of Helen Steel and Dave Morris, the two campaigners at the centre of the McLibel Trial.

There has been plenty of McLibel activity on-line before - mailing lists, amateur Web Sites put up by sympathisers. But the new Site takes things to a new level. Put together by activists in 14 different coountries, it has the kind of things you'd expect - detailed information on the case, breakdowns of the issues, links to other anti-multinational campaigns, a selection of McDonald's own PR documents.


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