100th Country to Open on December 10*

PR Newswire (source:McDonald's Corp.)

2nd Dec 1996

OAK BROOK, Ill. - McDonald's moved one step closer to opening in its 100th country with the launch of its first restaurant in the Dominican Republic on Saturday, November 30. It was the third new country to welcome the Golden Arches in a month, including grand opening celebrations in Jordan and Paraguay.

"We're on target with our growth strategy around the world," said Jim Cantalupo, president and CEO of McDonald's International, "and we will cap a year of unprecedented international development with our 100th country milestone on December 10th."

In the last five years, the number of McDonald's restaurants in Latin America and the Caribbean has more than tripled, to over 650 restaurants. The Dominican Republic is the 26th country in the region to host McDonald's.

Local business people Oscar and Erika Brenes, McDonald's franchisees in the Dominican Republic, opened the first restaurant in the capital city of Santo Domingo, where nearly 25 percent of the island's population resides.

McDonald's is the largest and best-known global foodservice retailer, with more than 20,000 restaurants in 99 countries. Yet on any day, even as the market leader, McDonald's serves less than one percent of the world's population.

* Note: For more information about McDonald's 100th country opening, please contact Ann Connolly at 630-623-3797.

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