Man Takes Bite Out of Fast Food Sandwich - and Gulps Down Half a Rodent, says Cop!


July 7 1992; By JACK ALEXANDER

"I'll never forget the taste," said Erik Schneider who claims he got sicker than a McDog after McDonald's served him a McMouse instead of a McRibb sandwich.

That's when Erik opened the sandwich and saw two hind legs, said his lawyer, Ed Fleck. "Unfortunately, he had the other half of the mouse in his mouth," he added. Shocked Erik did what you might expect. He up chucked. But he saved what was left of the rotten-tasting rodent sandwich and filed a $1 million lawsuit against McDonald's restaurant at 511 Route 111 in Hauppauge, N.Y.

A spokesman for McDonald's denied Erik's mouse sandwich story. "We pride ourselves on our quality control, which is clearly the standard of excellence in our industry," said Paul Facella, vice president for McDonald's in New York. "But it did happen," Fleck said. "Erik's wife was there with their year-old child. She saw the sandwich. The police came and filled out a report. The officer also looked at the sandwich and wrote in her report, "It looks like a rodent.'"

Erik went straight from the restaurant to Community Hospital of Western Suffolk in Smithtown where emergency room personnel preserved the uneaten portion of the mouse in formaldehyde. An examination of the sandwich at the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine revealed half a cooked mouse, according to Fleck.

"The specimens represent parts of cooked mouse which had been subjected to heat exposure," Fleck said. The distraught construction worker says he has suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome, since the awful incident. "He'll never be able to forget the taste," Fleck said. "Ile has nightmares about what happened." The case has yet to be argued in court even though tile alleged incident occurred nearly thiree years ago.

"McDonald's processes chunks of pork for its McRibbs in an Ohio plant," Fleck said. "The little fella (mouse) got into the plant somehow and got processed."
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