McDonald's wins right to use name in Jamaica

Reuters (Kingston, Jamaica), 21st Dec 1996

McDonald's, broiled in a dispute with a local restaurant, has won the right to sell its hamburgers under its own name in Jamaica.

Jamaica's appeals court on Friday reversed a lower court injunction granted earlier this year which forced McDonald's to open its first Kingston outlet in July under the name "Golden Arches".

The injunction was granted after the fast food company sued a local restaurant that has traded under the McDonald's name for the past 25 years to prevent it from using the name any further.

The appellate court, however, allowed the local McDonald's to continue using the name as well until the lawsuit can be heard some time next year.

The U.S. firm has franchised a second restaurant under the McDonald's name in Montego Bay and plans to open more in Kingston and in Mandeville.

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