McDonald's says to make 800 new Finnish jobs in 1997

John Acher, Helsinki Newsroom

Reuters; 31st Jan 1997

Fast food chain McDonald's said on Friday it will open 20 new restaurants in Finland this year, creating 800 new jobs.

"McDonald's will invest over 100 million markka this year in real estate, buildings and equipment," the chain's Finnish subsidiary McDonald's Oy said in a statement.

"This year net sales are expected to be about 600 million markka," McDonald's Oy managing director Kim Hanslin said in the statement.

In 1996 McDonald's Oy created 850 new jobs at 23 new restaurants in Finland and had altogether about 3,400 employees at year-end, it said.

"In the year 2000 there will be about 100 McDonald's family restaurants in Finland and the chain will have about 6,000 employees," Hanslin said.

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