Burger and large prize to go please

Scottish Daily Record

17th December 1996

Bosses at McDonald's refused to dish out a 750 competition prize until the Record stepped in.

Audrey Sykes, 28, won the burger chain's Monopoly game by matching two stickers from Coke cups.

But bugling staff had served her one of the drinks in a cup from last year's promotion.

And McDonald's claimed it made the win invalid.

Audrey said yesterday: "I couldn't believe they were being so stingy.

"I was over the moon when I won and all the staff in the restaurant were congratulating mee.

"I was so exicited that I couldn't finish off my meal and I rushed to telephone the special winners' hotline.

"But when they asked for the serial numbers of my special stickers, they said one was out of date, from last years promotion.

"When I contacted the restaurant to complain, they said that they had brought out old Coke cups by mistakes."

At first, McDonald's offered food vouchers as compensation instead of the prize, which was won in Falkirk.

But they agreed to cough up straight away after a call from us.

A spokesman admitted: "There have been a couple of mistakes somewhere.

"She is still a winner and we will be honouring the 750."

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