Sewage in Big Mac Kitchen

Former Assistant Manager At McDonalds Burger Store Tells Of Sewage On Kitchen Floor

Daily Mirror, October 31, 1995

A FORMER assistant manager of a McDonald's store of the year told the High Court yesterday that staff prepared food while sewage covered the floor.

Simon Gibney, 27, also accused the chain of watering down products and cutting labour costs to the bone. Mr Gibney, who left the hamburger empire in December 1987, described how the drains were blocked with fat at the store in Colchester, Essex.

"On at least two occasions sewage came up through the floor vents in the kitchen area," he said.

Mr Gibney told how an area supervisor ordered drinks, ketchup, mustard and milk shakes to be watered down.

Staff were also ordered to squeeze fries cartons when filling them and out of date onions and buns were used.

Mr Gibney was giving evidence in a libel action, now into its second year. Dave Morris, 41, and Helen Steel, 29, are accused of distributing a leaflet claiming that McDonald's poisons customers and exploits workers.

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