Fast-food client claims tea was bleach


Wednesday August 27, 1997

A Michigan man is suing the McDonald's restaurant chain after he allegedly drank bleach from a cup that was supposed to contain iced tea.

Raymond Bills charges early-morning restaurant workers apparently failed to remove an overnight cleaning solution from the iced tea machine before serving the drink.

Bills says he was driving a truck to a salvage yard when he sipped the drink that burned his throat and stomach. He's seeking more than $10,000 in damages.

Bills tells the Bay City Times, ``It could have been a 3-year-old child or an 80-year-old person. It could have killed someone.''

The alleged incident occurred in February at a McDonald's in Perry, Mich. Officials with the Perry McDonald's franchisee, VP Enterprises, were unavailable for comment.

The suit claims Bills ate two sausage-muffin sandwiches and hash browns for breakfast before swallowing the fluid. He was driving at the time, and the fluid made him immediately vomit in the truck's cab.

Bills says he later returned to the McDonald's and was told by workers about a cleaning fluid mistake.

A trial date has not been set.

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