News Advisory UPDATE - 17th October, 1996

9 Arrests, Injuries, Sabotage Reported in
U.S. Anti-McDonald's Protests Wednesday

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Nine arrests, injuries were reported -- and one McDonald's was sabotaged -- nationally Wednesday as anti-McDonald's activists blocked drive-thrus, disrupted business and hung banners calling the multi-million dollar fast food giant a "murderer."

The demonstrations were carried out by environmental and animal rights organizations as part of a "World Day of Action Against McDonald's," held Wednesday in 25 countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and many other locations in Asia, Europe and U.S., where nearly 50 McDonald's' were targeted.

There were five arrests near San Francisco at a Santa Cruz McDonald's when activists scaled the store's roof to drop a banner. One activist was hospitalized for a concussion after police ran her head into a air-conditioning duct. All were cited for trespassing and released.

There were also four arrests in Minneapolis, where activists also took over the roof of a McDonald's. They were maced, and sent to the hospital before being jailed for trespassing. They are being held on bail until a court hearing Thursday morning in St. Paul.

And, in Ithaca, NY, an underground animal rights group, known as the "Band of Mercy," damaged locks and hung the banner: "McDeath: Killing Animals, the Earth and You" during an pre-dawn raid. Damages are unknown at this time.

In Muncie, IN activists hung a banner from the local McDonald's reading, in part: "Special Today: McMurder Deluxe." And, in Chicago, Bloomington and several other American cities activists also disrupted sales at the drive-thru for up to several hours.

McDonald's has been the focus of intense protests by environmentalists and animal rights activists, who say the $30 billion food giant is responsible for feeding people disease-ridden meat, which could be laced with E-Coli, or Mad Cow's Disease, and destroying the environment, including the world's rainforests, which are being ripped down to make way for grazing land for cattle -- and future Big Macs

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Date: 96-10-16 20:03:09 EDT

Four activists from the University of Minnesota Student Organization for

Animal Rights (SOAR) protesting McDonalds for the World Day of Action

Against McDonalds were arrested at approximately 1:15pm today. The

activists bike-locked themselves together (octopus technique) on the roof

of the McDonald's on Vandalia and University in St. Paul and stayed there

with their banner for about two hours until they were removed by police.

The activists are being held in the Ramsey County Hospital Lockup Unit.

Numerous police and fire vehicles were on the scene.  A news helicopter

trying to film the scene apparently took out a power wire forcing the

street to be closed.

Calls from activist in custody confirm that all four activists were

sprayed with Mace and have been in Mace detox for the past five hours.

They are now in a holding cell in the downtown St. Paul jail. They have

begun a hunger strike, are refusing bail, and they need your support.

Please call the Ramsey County Jail Annex (612-292-3698) to demand the

immediate release of these non-violent protestors.

SOAR's jail support can be at 319-230-7940 (cell phone) for more details.


SOAR activist

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