..and girl in their TV ad is a veggie


Mirror Daily, 23 March 1996

ACTRESS Kellie Bright is promoting meaty breakfasts for burger giants McDonald's - despite being a vegetarian since the age of 12.

In the TV ads Kellie, 19, plays a hungry commuter dreaming of a 99p Big Breakfast of sausage, hash brown, muffin and scrambled egg.

But last night animal-lover Kellie hit back: "I don't see how there could be a problem.
"It was a job and I wasn't asked to eat the breakfast - just talk about it.
"As a vegetarian, I would just take away the sausage.
"I can't be accused of being hypocritical working for McDonald's.
They've even brought out a veggie burger."

Kellie plays rebel Kate - ironically also a vegetarian - in Radio 4's The Archers.

Scriptwriters had to hastily rewrite plots this week to bring the rural drama - which is recored in advance - up-to-date with the crisis over Mad Cow Disease.

Actors were brought back into the studio for the last-minute changes. Editor Vanessa Whitburn said:" It is a major issue affesting every farming community and we needed to refer to it."

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