16th - 23rd February 1996

Each week McSpotlight will be updated on how the world's press has covered McLibel, McDonald's and multinationals in general.

Monday 12 February, Big Issue (UK): 'Burger Bashers'

Thursday 22 February, Londra Toplum Postasi (Turkish language, UK)

McSpotlight Media

Friday 16 February, Greater London Radio (UK)

Friday 16 February, Chicago Tribune (USA): 'Big Mac's Critics Connect On Line'

Saturday 17 February, Independent (UK): 'Burger Giant Under McSpotlight'

Saturday 17 February, Daily Express (UK): 'Internet Attack on Big Mac'

Monday 19 February, WebActive Web site

Tuesday 20 February, Letter to the Independent (UK)

Thursday 22 February, The Guardian (UK)

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