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HHH Video Mag part 2 featuring- McLibel protestors sabotaging the filming of a McDonald's commercial in Ruskin Park, London (see below), No M11, Battle of Hyde Park, anti criminal justice demo, last stand at Claremont Road, and others.

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Protesters surprised the makers of the burger giant's latest advert when they arrived at their location shoot in Ruskin Park, South London on 5th June. Ronald McDonald's cheesy grin faded when the protesters appeared behind him with a banner reading "McDonald's - guilty of exploiting workers, destroying the environment, murdering animals". The production company's plans of filming the clown by the pond and the bandstand (painted specially for the purpose) were completely frustrated all day, at an estimated cost of Pounds Sterling 100,000. The production company then abandoned its plans to film in the park the following day.

"lights, camera, action"

"that's not in the script"

"I'm going home"

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