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The McLibel


The McLibel Defendants, Helen Steel and Dave Morris, have been fighting the $30 billion-a-year McDonald's Corporation funded entirely by donations from members of the public and other well-wishers. McDonald's were spending about 6,500 on the trial EVERY DAY, whereas Helen and Dave have spent approx 35,000 since the writs were issued in 1990.

But now the trial is over it does not mean that money is no longer needed. Regardless of the verdict and the appeals, there is still a media war to be fought. If leave for appeal to the House of Lords is granted, Helen and Dave with need to raise about 16,000 as 'security' to the court before being allowed to continue the appeal process. Whatever happens the McLibel Support Campaign will assist campaigners around the world and continue to supply the media with information about the trial and the related issues. Continued campaigning requires continued funding so please help if you can.

For details of how the money is spent, see the McLibel Support Campaign page.

  • Make cheques payable to
          McLibel Support Campaign and send to ..
  • McLibel Support Campaign
    5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX, UK
  • Or send donations direct to the bank account:

    Nationwide Building Society
    25 High Rd, Wood Green, London N22 6BH, UK

  •   Account name: McLibel Support Campaign
    Account No: 0242/702 940 907
    Sort Code: 07-00-93
    Identification: 333 333 34
  • Or send donations to the support group in your country.

  • McSpotlight

    Okay, so McDonald's didn't make a donation ... perhaps they bought a McSpotlight T-shirt ?..' This website was set-up without a single penny, cent, franc or rouble being spent - everyone worked on it for free and all equipment was donated or borrowed. Phone bills, electricity bills and other administration expenses are now a reality. Additionally we are trying to ensure that McSpotlight stays in the public eye by attending conferences, seminars, festivals, raves, protests etc. - to demonstrate the site, display the McSpotlight banner and hand out leaflets. All these things and more cost money, so any donations would be extremely welcome.

    You know it is a worthy cause - even McDonald's have given us money ;-)

  • Make cheques payable to
         McSpotlight and send to ..

  • McSpotlight
    BM McSpotlight
    WC1N 3XX
  • Or send donations direct to the bank account:

    Co-operative Bank
    195 High Road, Wood Green, London N22 6DP, UK

  •   Account name: McSpotlight
    Account No: 50076796
    Sort Code: 08-90-37
    Identification: 979 400 63

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