Curriculum Vitae

name: Mike Quinlan
occupation: Chair and Chief Executive of the McDonald's Corporation
relevance: Commented on the case

previous experience:

Quinlan is the current Chair and Chief Executive of the McDonald's Corporation. He was harangued at the AGM of the Corporation in Chicago on 26th May 1995 on whether it is in shareholders' best interests to continue pursuing the disasterous McLibel law suit. It was said that the Defendants' points are being corroborated by McDonald's own witnesses, including their executives! Examples given included the use of beef from ex-rainforest land, and the fact that the company had officially stated it was not objecting to its products being described as "junk food"! It was further said "whether or not we win this case, we are still getting raked over the coals in the media".


Mr Quinlan formally replied on behalf of the Board of Directors that the case is "coming to a wrap soon", and denied things were going badly for the company.