Curriculum Vitae

name: Richard Rampton QC
date of birth: 12.4.36 (?)
occupation: Barrister
relevance: McDonald's QC in the McLibel case

previous experience:

Rampton is listed in the "Directory of the Legal Profession 1995-6" as one of the top 17 barristers on defamation in England & Wales. Furthermore, he is in the "leading set of chambers" for defamation, namely 1 Brick Court, London EC4Y.

Rampton acted in the well-known libel cases of Andrew Neil v Peregrine Worsthorpe, Lord Aldington v Count Nikolai Tolstoy, and the Gillian Taylforth v News of the World. In the Taylforth case, he represented the police who successfully defended the libel action brought by the TV soap star. The "EastEnders" actress was allegedly performing oral sex with her boyfriend in a parked car when a policeman came along.

He has been employed by McDonald's since Autumn/Fall 1993.


Rampton helped edit the second edition of "Duncan & Neill on Defamation", one of the main textbooks on this area of the law.


Rampton went to Oxford University; he was called to the Bar in November 1965 (Inner Temple); and he became a QC (Queen's Counsel) in 1987.


QCs are considered to be the creme de la creme of the legal profession and can command enormous fees. It is estimated that Rampton is being paid 2,000 a day by McDonald's (and the trial has just passed the 200 day mark), excluding his initial "brief fee" which was probably a six figure sum.