Curriculum Vitae

name: Louise Wallis
date of birth: 1964
qualifications: 1 A-Level and 7 O-Levels
relevance: Highly experienced animal rights advocate

previous experience:

1/ Chair of The Vegan Society (UK) from January 1993-Present.

2/ Ran 'Cafe Femilia' from May-December 1995, which is a vegan cafe for women which promotes healthy eating.

3/ President of The Vegan Society (UK) from October 1991-November 1993.

4/ Undercover Trainee Animal Technician at Smithkline Beecham & St Bartholomews Hospital Medical College from September 1990-April 1991.

5/ Regional Campaigns Officer for the National Anti-Vivisection Society from 1988-1990.

6/ Publicity Assistant to the Countryside Officer for Eastleigh Borough Council from 1985-1988.

7/ Committee Member for the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection from July 1985-July 1986.

8/ Work for the Southampton Animal Rights Group from 1983-1986.


The protruding legs of several birds had been broken, and hung limply, which must have casued these particular animals excrutiating pain. Others had extensive bald patches, with no feathers, and open sores on their bodies which would have left them vulnerable to the cold and also possible infection.

The crates were stacked directly on top of each other (and to the side) meaning that urine and faeces from the birds above would soil and soak the ones below; the birds in the very bottom crates obviously being the worst affected.