Subject: Interview with Helen Steel and David Morris, Defendants in the McDonalds Libel Lawsuit

Date: Feb 12, 1994

(Interviewer in Italics)

Q. What is the background of events surrounding the service of writs on you?

Q. How did McDonald's obtain information about London Greenpeace campaigners?

Q. What is McDonald's case against you?

Q. What is your defence?

Q. Were any other London Greenpeace campaigners involved?

Q. Why did you decide to fight on?

Q. What happened in the legal proceedings after you served your defence?

Q. What is the position on Discovery?

Q. What about the exchange of witness statements?

Q. I understand that libel cases are normally heard by a jury, but that McDonald's applied for a non-jury trial and this request was granted by the Judge.

Q. Have you received any legal help?

Q. Are you intimidated by the opposition and the Courts?

Q. When is the case going to be heard?

Q. What if you lose at court?

Q. Do you think you will be successful at the trial?