"The only way people are going to change things is when they stand up and fight for themselves."

Helen Steel, one of the two McLibel defendants, talks to
McSpotlight in an exclusive RealAudio interview

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How did you get involved in campaigning around these issues?

Have you been doing much outside campaigning during the McLibel trial?

What will you do when the case is over?

"What we want is a society without exploitation and oppression and I don't see how McDonalds can have any part to play in that- they're based on oppression and exploitation of workers, animals and the environment."

What are your thoughts on the McSpotlight Web site?

Would you like to see McDonalds close down and disappear?

What type of society are you really fighting for?

"McDonalds want a situation where they're pumping out propaganda and nobody's putting an alternative point of view..."

"Most of the time journalists seem to be more interested in discussing what we're wearing in court than in telling the public what the issues are..."

What, for you, has been the low point of the trial?

And the high point?

Why are you an activist?

Have you found the media coverage of the McLibel case frustrating?

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