"The only way we're able to outclass their highly paid and highly experienced legal team is because we're telling the truth and they're not..."

"Both me and Helen feel quite strongly that we're not heroes. We've got strength from the people that really matter."

Dave Morris, one half of the McLibel two, talks exclusively to McSpotlight about McDonalds, capitalism, Britain's libel laws... and himself.

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What did you do before becoming a full-time McLibel defendant?

Can you give us a run-down of an average day in the life of Dave Morris?

Who will be the real winners and losers in the McLibel trial?

"We've stood up to an aggressive and growing multinational - and we've beaten them."
Have you ever felt like giving up?

What is your judgement on the English libel laws?

How well do you feel that this case and the issues it raises have been treated in the media?

Why do you think there has been so much support for the anti-McDonalds campaign?

"The reason I'm an activist is that I know the potential that we have to seize control of our lives... to really start living."
Are you looking forward to the end of the trial? Will you carry on campaigning?

Since you criticise the way Western society is presently run, what would be your ideal society?

What is it about you that drives you to be an activist?

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