witness statement

name: Keith Baker
section: Employment
for: The Defence
experience: McDonald's crew member


The witness tells of the general treatment received from the managers and of critical incidences at the relevant McDonalds store.


Adrian Brett worked for McDonald's from May 1986 until May 1991 by which time he had achieved the position of 2nd Assistant Manager.

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full statement:

I worked for McDonald's golden Arches restaurant Ltd from approximately 24.11.84 to mid May '85.

During that time both myself and the other crew members were constantly harassed about the speed of their work not being fast enough. I worked the 'CLOSE' shift during my time at Sidcup McDnoald's and most of the time there were two or three under 18s working after 10pm, one of which was Miss Sarah Dunn. Please find enclosed wage slips as proof.

Towards the end of April '85 there was an accident in the grill area involving a crew member by the name of Allison Farrington who slipped on a wet floor and as she fell her right arm was badly burned on a 'hot' grill. I took her into the washing up area and filled a sink with cold water and ice cubes and placed her arm in it. The management moaned about me not working and only after much badgering an ambulance was called by another crew member from a phone box in Sidcup High St. There was also a lot of fuss made about my assistance of putting the incident in the Accident Book. The Accident Book was locked away in the Managers Office draw.

Miss Farrington took out proceedings against McDonald's and before it went to court they agreed an out-of-court settlement.

Referring back to being clocked out by 'Cassy', when we complained the Areas Supervisor, a Mr Terry Eagle, was brought in. When we told him that we would take further action he asked us what did we have in mind. When we told him that we would go to a union he said that it would do no good at all as all that McDonald's would do is shut up shop for a while just like they did in Australia when they started their own union.

He also said that it would not happen again refering to the clocking out.

Everything I have written is true and correct as far as I can remember.

date signed: 24th July ,1993
status: ?

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