witness statement

name: Adrian Brett
section: Employment
for: The Defence
experience: McDonald's crew member


The witness recalls the general treatment of staff and methods of 'adjusting' the hours worked. Also, instances of and (the lack of) procedures following accidents, is given. Additionally, the witness relates failures to maintain a hygienic work environment and methods of cost cutting with products.


Adrian Brett worked for McDonald's from May 1986 until May 1991 by which time he had achieved the position of 2nd Assistant Manager.

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Hours and Hours and Hours

The hours you had to work were unfair - you were expected to work all night from 4pm start to 6-7am the following morning. You were never paid extra for working over 39 hours a week. Lunch breaks were always shortened on busy days, staff were only allowed to go for "a quick fag or coffee" or a burger out the back to keep them awake.

Under 18s always worked past 10pm or midnight. They were told to clock out, the difference would be put down as a bonus usually 10 or 20 depending on the time worked. A taxi would usually be paid for, this money would come out of the till and that money would be made up latter .

Staff would be expected to serve stuff at speed. Customers would be expected to wait two minutes in line and only 1 minute after order had been taken on most occasions especially Saturday this would be impossible.

Fondling the Figures

Store labour for the day would be expected to run at about 12-13%. If this was more, hours for previous days would be deleted to bang figures in line.

I have found out that clock cards going back some time are still hidden in the roof of the StockRoom, Training Room and Crew Room, McDonald's 35-37 High St, Colchester, Essex. (Still to this day I have checked records (?))

Accidents and Maintainence

I recall one accident when a female crew member was working "Regular Grill" when some staff were trying to mop up when the girl on the grill slipped on the floor, fell on to the grill burning her arms - after the marks felt after about 5 mins that they had no choice to send her to hospital. She was sent with some reluctancy. I remember for about 6 Saturdays on the trot that the regular toaster was giving people electric shocks and the rack toaster bun sheet would fall on floor.

Maggots in the Milkshake

This is probably my worst experience to do with food hygiene. I remember that every week one of those things would happen and this went on for about 5 years. We would serve lettuce, onions, shake mix that was out of date - only if it had actual mould on it would it be thrown away. The shake machine was never cleaned properly and on one occasion maggots were actually found in the shake machine in Bury St Edmunds. The drains came up quite frequently in Colchester and the store was never closed only if the sewage became visible to customer. Food would be served even if all the contents had been dropped on the floor: on one instance I remember we ran out of diet cola, it was replaced with normal cola which in fact could kill someone. Syrups and shake mix were always watered down on a regular basis i.e. daily.

date signed: 25th July ,1993
status: ?
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