witness statement

name: Anthony Brien
section: Employment
for: The Defence
experience: Crew member in Dublin McDonald store


The witness, in the form of an unfair dismissal claim, relates how he was dismissed without notice. The witnesses trade union activity is cited as the main reason for the expediency of McDonald's decision.


The witness worked at the Rathfarnham store from 7 January 1985 until 10 June 1985. During this time a weeks wages amounted to approx. 60 (pounds) a week.

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full statement:

I feel that I was treated unfairly re: my dismissal. I had been sick the day I was sacked. The manager called me _____ he told me I was being sacked for being late. He never gave me a verbal warning.

date signed: 6 August 1985
status: Read out in court
references: Not applicable/available

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