witness statement

name: David A. Dudley-Boyden
section: Employment
for: The Defence
experience: Employee McDonald's, Indiana, 1984 - 1989


The witness supplies Anti-Union sentiments observed at McDonalds


Employee McDonald's, Indiana, 1984 - 1989

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full statement:


I was employed by McDonald's in Portage, Indiana, USA, from September of 1984 through July of 1989.


During this time, I spoke vith fellow employees (in a Jocose manner, although-- in my own mind--I actually took the matter quite seriously) about organizing ourselves and forming a union at McDonald's. I was overheard by a manager and warned very sternly, in no uncertain terms, that such talk (even if conducted in a tongue-in-cheek fashion) would lead to the termination of my employment. In fact, the manager made it clear that a person had been fired in the past for enunciating union sympathies.

date signed: April 15, 1995
status: Statement read out in court
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