witness statement

name: Shawn Derby
section: Employment
for: The Defence
experience: Union organiser and crew member, Canada


McDonald's did everything in their power to prevent workers from successfully establishing a Union branch at his store.



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Reference for Sarah Inglis from Shawn Derby

To whom it may concern, this letter is to show that I Shawn Darby agree fully with all of the allegations that Sarah Inglis has proposed against McDonald's. I was a member of the organizing committee for the union, therefore I am aware of all of the hostility McDonald's displayed towards the union. If any further information is needed from me, please contact me at the above address and I will be happy to oblige.

Reference for Sarah Inglis from Joel Henderson

My name is Joel Henderson and I was an active participant in the attempt to unionize Orangeville McDonald's in this past year. A union was desperately needed in the restaurant and along with Sarah Inglis and other union supporters, we made a valiant attempt to make Orangeville McDonald's a better place to work for everyone.

Management at this store use close to, if not illegal procedures and tactics in running the restaurant. Employees were coerced and intimidated during our drive for the union. Very questionable tactics were used, such as threats of firings if you voted for the union or that life was going to be rough if you voted yes. Several good friends of mine were intimidated in such a manor as mentioned above. I have recently suffered repercussions for my vocal union support.

I've been wrongly accused of stealing with only two weeks left at McDonald's due to the fact that I'm attending a post secondary institution. Rob Pinkney told me that over $40 missing from my till, although other people had used the till assigned to me and Rob and Cam refused to look into the matter further and were convinced of me being a thief. Needless to say I resigned that very day due to management's incompetence.

I agree with Sarah Inglis wholeheartedly that management coerced and threatened employees during the union drive, thus giving them an unfair advantage over the union. In closing the vast changes that occurred during the union drive have come full about and things have returned to the slave like working conditions that crew must endure every single shift that they work.

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