witness statement

name: Danny Olive
section: Employment
for: The Defence
experience: Floor Manager in the Bath store


In the form of two letters the witness verifies the unprofessional practices related in Michael Logan's statement. Additionally the witness specifies, in the resignation letter to head office, the mal-practices that occured at the in the store.


Danny Olive worked his up from crew member to Shift Manager serving at a number of McDonald's stores - Cheltenham, Bath, Bristol and then returning to Bath.

He resigned in April 1995.

Full cv: (not available for this witness)

full statement:

24 January 1996

To whom it may concern,

I worked along side Mr Michael Logan as a shift running floor manager from October 1993 until his resignation, 9th November 1994. I have read Mr Logan's statement and I confirm that the unprofessional practices mentioned did occur. I was not aware that time was docked from crew members clock card files to reduce labour or that toasters were patched with blue plasters. I verify that the letter in Mr Morris' possesion is a copy of the resignation letter that I presented to Mr Paul Merriot at McDonald's, Southgate Street, Bath on 19th April 1995. A more detailed statement will be more forthcoming.

Yours faithfully

Daniel P Olive

19 April 1995

To whom it may concern,

I write to you to give notice of my resignation. I have been forced to terminate my employment due to the intolerable pressures under which I have been placed.

They are as follows:

Danny P Olive

date signed: Wednesday 24th Jan 1996
status: ?
references: Not applicable/ available

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