witness statement

name: T. W. Pattinson
section: Employment
for: The Defence
experience: Industrial Editor


The witness provides confirmation of an article written concerning McDonalds stance on union participation and involvement in wage negotiations and conditions of employment.


Was industrial editor for the Daily Mirror national during the mid-80's.

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full statement:

I write to confirm the veracity of the article published by the Daily Mirror on December 17 1986.
I was the Mirror's Industrial Editor at that time and I recall the interview with Mr Nicholson, who used the words attributed to him in my story.

Burger Off! Big Mac Union Snub Daily Mirror 17/12/86 by Terry Pattinson.

BIG MAC has given Britain's biggest trade union the brush off.

The fast food chain is refusing to allow the transport workers' union to negotiate on behalf of McDonald's 18,500 workers in 231 restaurants.

Sid Nicholson McDonalds personnel chief said last night: 'We do not have an anti-union policy. "But we will never negotiate wages and conditions with a union and we discourage our staff from joining."

Former McDonald's assistant manager Andrew Cranna, 30, of Southall, Middlesex said: "We were all left in no doubt that if we joined a union we would be sacked."

date signed: November 29th, 1993
status: Appeared in court
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