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name: Charles Secrett
section: Environment
for: The Defence
experience: Director, Friends Of The Earth


Therefore, it is my considered view that, as McDonald's are unable to categorically prove that all the beef supplies used in their United States restaurants at all times only came from cattle reared in the U.S., and never originated from South or Central American countries as the overwhelming weight of circumstantial evidence points toward for the 1970s and up at least until the end of 1986, it is surely right for McDonald's to now admit publicly that uncertainty, for their public statements to the contrary to be withdrawn, and for them to recognise that critics of the beef-purchasing and use practices and policies have been entitled to raise such concerns in public.


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18 April 1996

  • 1. This second submission to the High Court has been prepared by Charles Secrett, currently Executive Director of Friends of the Earth (FOE) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It should be read as an addendum to my first submission (prepared 20.3. 1995).

  • 2. This submission summarises briefly the following issues: the environmental and ecological importance of all tropical forest types; thc environmcntal benefits of forestry regeneration and, the impact of clearance for pasture and cattle ranching in Central America and Brazil.



    date signed: 20 March 1995
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