witness statement

name: Colin McIntyre
section: Recycling & Waste
for: The Defence
experience: Local Resident


McDonald's has brought a steady diet of pollution to an otherwise mainly residential neighbourhood.


I am a journalist, a former member of the National Executive Council of the National Union of Journailsts, and have lived with my family at the above address for 36 years.

In 1979, I was a founder-member and elected the first Hon-Secretary of the Smith Street Residents Association (SSRA). I have subsequently served on the SSRA Committee and on the Society of Chelsea Residents Associations (SoCRA); and am currently the Press Officer for the Royal Hospital Wards Residents Association (RHWRA) an overall body encompassing more than 30 other residents groups.

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full statement:

Ever since McDonald's opened at the corner of King's Road and Royal Avenue our street has suffered from polluton by litter. Smith Street is the first direct road south from the King's Road, and McDonald's car-borne patrons often choose to eat their takeaway meals outside our houses. Smith Street is wholly residential with the exception of a small pub, an art gallery and two boutiques.

Our Association has raised the matter of litter with McDonald's on a continuous basis over the years. For a few brief weeks they operated a so-called 'litter patrol', long since discontinued. This did not stop the then Manager assuring a Council committee, considering a late night extension to midnight for their restaurant, that the litter-patrols existed. This was a blatant lie which went unchallenged at the time. However, the late-night extension was refused at the request of Smith Street and Wellington Sqaure, the two streets most used by McDonald's people for takeaway eating.

I have on at least two occasions asked the Manager at McDonald's to send someone to remove their litter from our pavement and doorways. From my work with the RHWRA I know that the houses in Royal Avenue itself additionally suffer from cooking smells, and from McDonald's customers using their doorsteps as a dining-room or latrine.

McDonald's has bought a steady diet of pollution to an otherwise mainly residential neighbourhood.

date signed: 27th July 1994
status: Appeared in court
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