Honest adverts

If adverts were honest, they might look more like the ones on these pages rather than the deceptive ones we are usually subjected to.

Instead of trying to convince you that what is being promoted is good for you, or whatever, they would just admit that increased sales and quick profits are what they're about.

'None of the plaintiffs' promotional literature I have seen can be fairly said to give a truly balanced viewpoint. It is, therefore, essential that public comment and indeed vigorous criticism be allowed, no matter how ruffling it may be to the plaintiffs' own self-esteem.'
Peter Cox, witness statement

They would admit that the quest for profits comes before all else; be it the state of the environment, peoples health or the welfare of the animals.

But commercial advertising isn't about honesty - it is about making lots of money by making people buy things that they probably don't even need.

An honest advert would simply say "Make me rich - buy this!"


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