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Posted by: Robert on February 11, 19100 at 00:51:23:

In Reply to: 'False Witness' Robert strikes again... posted by Farinata on February 02, 19100 at 13:47:24:


: BULLSHIT. That's all there is to say about that.

: At no point have I ever said anything about races leading to species.

In "Try taking your hands off your eyes..." (April 26, 1999) Farinata said: "Yes it is. In fact, it's what speciation is all about, according to the sciences. The point at which two similar races can no longer interbreed is when they become separate species; thus, the above is a valid example."

These are your own words here, Farinata. It seems pretty clear to me. You even proceded to complicate this rather odd view by giving us the homo-sapien-martialus example. False accuser?

: Eppur si muove, Robert; you cannot refute the physical evidence.

OK then, maybe you'll take this challenge.

For now, maybe we both need a breather. God Bless and thank you anyway for your research and time.


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