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Yes. Quite sure.

Posted by: Farinata ( L'inferno ) on February 11, 19100 at 16:55:44:

In Reply to: Are you sure? posted by Robert on February 11, 19100 at 00:51:23:

: Farinata,

: : BULLSHIT. That's all there is to say about that.

: : At no point have I ever said anything about races leading to species.

Note: I should have said there;

At no point have I ever said anything about separate races leading to separate species; which is what you've been implying I said on a repeated basis.

One species can lead to multiple species; this has been observed, for example in the original example.

: In "Try taking your hands off your eyes..." (April 26, 1999) Farinata said: "Yes it is. In fact, it's what speciation is all about, according to the sciences. The point at which two similar races can no longer interbreed is when they become separate species; thus, the above is a valid example."

: These are your own words here, Farinata. It seems pretty clear to me. You even proceded to complicate this rather odd view by giving us the homo-sapien-martialus example. False accuser?

The whole point is that the two species were originally the same species; not different 'races'.

As such, it's not a case of different races leading to different species, as you are trying to maintain, but one population leading to two (or more) genetically incompatible populations; which has been observed directly some 5 or 6 times in recent history.

Race in the human sense has no place in evolutionary biology; it is not a rigorously defined concept.

As such, yes, you are misrepresenting my argument, even when I've clarified what I meant by the above statement (which was admittedly not the best choice of words).

'Race' in a biological sense has nothing to do with human 'races'; so please discard that misconception.

: : Eppur si muove, Robert; you cannot refute the physical evidence.

: OK then, maybe you'll take this challenge.

I don't think so, Robert. Much of his points are already answered in the page I have referred you to many times - which you have *still* not read; are you scared of it?

I suspect that if you actually presented that guy with the evidence, he'd just insist it wasn't conclusive enough.

Maybe you can take Piper's challenge; after all, he's offering twice as much...


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