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What Accusations?!

Posted by: bill on November 10, 1999 at 18:21:11:

In Reply to: Ideology posted by Stoller on November 10, 1999 at 15:58:52:

: : Nice argument.

: Thanks for reading the post.

: : But doesn't that just reinforce the idea of
: : radical democracy
as a powerful ideological weapon - in the same way that "inviolable property rights" is the ideological weapon of choice for the privileged?

: But property rights are NOT an ideological 'weapon,' Bill---property rights are a MATERIAL relation. Ideologies FOLLOW material relations---not vice versa.

No. Property RIGHTS Are an ideological weapon. The distillation into enacting law provides the cement for the Material relations

: You've got Hegel back on his feet again---and he's dangerous there.

No, not in any Idealistic sense of "Spirit" causality. (and I've read Marx's thesis on Feuerbach BTW)

: Remember all our old debates about environment FIRST---then consciousness?

Yes. And I remember discussing the idea that "traits" such as empathetic facility are "hard-wired" in the brain - and that in this sense environment (of the brain) precedes consciousness.

: : And underlying the threat of democracy was the potential articulation of Marx's concept of alienation - a concept quickly hurled into the garbage can once decisions about economic output, plant efficiency, surplus labor, etc. were removed from an exploited class.

: I wasn't defending Stalinism, my friend.

Good grief, was I suggesting that you were?

: I thought I made it clear that he PREVENTED the humanistic goals of the original Bolsheviks.

Perfactly clear.

: We are REALLY backtracking here with the Cold War accusations, Bill...

ARE YOU JUST BEING PERVERSE??!! What Accusations?!

I thought you were defending attempts to introduce democratic restructuring - empowering trade unions etc. Democracy is a threat to Any privileged class. As an ideology it serves as a weapon. All "rights" are created and so used.

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