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Define your terms...

Posted by: Gideon Hallett ( UK ) on November 19, 1999 at 15:22:01:

In Reply to: I was under the impression posted by Lark on November 19, 1999 at 12:43:12:

: : Lark, you can find some useful information about the proceedings of John the 23rd's Vatican II conference here. John the 23rd was possibly one of the most enlightened Popes the world has seen in modern times; and I say that as someone who is neither Catholic or Christian.

: Not a Christian? I was under the impression you where, even if it was the Christianity of one who believes religion and God is a human invention.

How do you define "Christian"?

According to my records, I'm Church of England; which is what we call agnosticism here in England. I last went to church when I was 7 (19 years ago).

I don't know whether a God exists; I don't have any way of finding out. I try and be generally pleasant and helpful to people not because I'm afraid of damnation or looking for salvation, but because it's the way to having the most community respect and friendship among my peers; a society based on mutual respect, tolerance and co-operation.

I also do it because I was brought up to do it.

Is that Christian?


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