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That excuses obvious lies?

Posted by: Stoller on November 19, 1999 at 23:41:26:

In Reply to: he's entitled to be paranoid and sensitive about manipulation of behaviour posted by Lark on November 19, 1999 at 12:42:15:

: : Did you say SUBTLE? Here's Chomsky's words on the topic of behaviorism:

Unwanted behavior will be eliminated from the start by the threat of the crematoria and the all-seeing spies.

: He's an anarchist he's entitled to be paranoid and sensitive about manipulation of behaviour, even for good ends.

But Chomsky's description of Skinner's ideas set forth in Beyond Freedom and Dignity was PATENTLY FALSE. It was a crude smear job intended to sway only those idle minds too lazy to read Skinner.

(BTW, his attack job met with Ayn Rand's approval. See Philosophy: Who Needs It?, Signet 1984, p. 156. When Ayn Rand gets on board, dude, alarms should be going off.)

If you'd call Chomsky's Skinner hachet job 'for good ends,' all you're doing is defending CRASS PROPAGANDA.

I shutter to think what distortions he's placed upon Lenin...

: : Eh? Remember the part about leaders being 'subject to recall at any time'?

: The elements that he plagarised from syndicalists...

No, Lenin got that right out of The Paris Commune---whose leaders were NOT 'syndicalists'...

: You should have told that to the anarchist SR's who went to the parliament with a massive mandate, there wherent any rightists in the parliament either and it was the parliament that provoked the white reaction too.


The SR's produced Kerensky.

: : : Then it is very clear that Lenin is a statist and a simple bureaucrat...

: : Are you kidding?

: No way.

No matter what Chomsky says, that's simply not true.

: : : ...in love with the idea of planning because he is more concerned with this than the destruction of the state.

: : Ahem? Do you remember the MILLION references to 'smashing the state' in The State and Revolution?

: Yes, written under the influence of the first revolution, a revolution he'd lost faith in, his interest and enthusiasum wanned.

The first revolution---which placed Kerensky at the head of government---was the EXACT SAME government as before. I mean, the fucking idiotic WAR was still raging. Wouldn't you call continuing the SAME imperialist war the same state apparatus?

The Bolsheviks---not Kerensky and his goons (many of which were SRs)---were the ones who dismantled the Tsar's state.

Just ask Ayn Rand.

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