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Re: A 'Reaganesque' foreign policy is your remedy

Posted by: Stoller on November 23, 1999 at 10:31:50:

In Reply to: A 'Reaganesque' foreign policy is your remedy posted by Stoller on November 22, 1999 at 18:42:19:

: Stoller:
: Please---crawl back under your rock, Doc.

: DC:
: Again trying to bury unpleasant data under a rock. Oh, very well, here I go.

: When have you EVER presented ANY data to back up your reactionary views?

: Everytime I start presenting credible citations to support my assertions, you simply slither away from your outrageous statements...

: DC:
: Before I take my place "underground"...

: Maybe you could take Lark---who supports the doctrines of Plato---and NJ ---who defends 'benevolent authoritarianism' with you.

: Jeez, all you supremacists SICKEN ME.

: Doc:
: ..."defending a 'Reaganesque foreign policy'"... Most certainly.

: Which brings us to:

: Stoller:
: Doc's sudden conversion to peacenik rhetoric is most disingenuous.

: DC:
: I haven't any idea where this is coming from...In any case, I'm certainly not "pro-war". Are you?

: You're 'certainly not' pro-war---yet you support a 'Reaganesque' foreign policy.

: WHICH is it?

: And: do I defend war?

: You bet.

: I UNCONDITIONALLY defend the right of the working class to rid themselves of vile aristocrats like YOU!

: Stoller:
: ... asserting that the Nazi Regime was actually "popular with average German workers"

: DC:
: [W]ho, and this is why the Marxists came up with the term 'lumpen proletariat'...

: Stoller:
: [W]hy then the ubiquitous goon squads?

: DC:
: Answer: Because that is what the workers would become, once organized in large groups...

: No. They ALREADY were 'the lumpenproletariat.'

: The point is that without the Storm Troopers, they MOST LIKELY would have struggled against fascist capital in trade unions (or political organizations).

: Stoller:
: Who exactly started World War 1, Doc? Was it the Bolsheviks---or was it the capitalists?

: DC: The monarchists.

: Like the monarchists of the 20th century operated independently of capital?

: That's absurd.
: __________

: DC:
: Incidentally, the tourist and gambling industries depend on the $100 candy bar rule.

: Stoller:
: Now, anyone with half a brain will admit that the LTV does NOT fully apply in the case of monopoly.

: DC:
: Actually, one would expect you to claim that any discrepancies in monopoly pricing were due to the exploitative nature of such an arrangement.

: I'm not talking about the relationship between capitalist and consumer here, Doc---I'm talking about the relationship between capitalist and laborer.

: If you ACTUALLY read Capital LIKE YOU SAID YOU DID, you wouldn't make such inane errors.
: DC:
: Being able to buy a $100 candy bar (and the increases in pay and worker output that these sorts of consumer demands generate) is the key to the unmitigated success of capitalism.

: Stoller:
: Is this supposed to infer that employees of monopolies SHARE in the spoils of monopoly?

: [snipping the incoherent blather...]

: Stoller:
: Like, the waiters and hat check girls at EXCLUSIVE country clubs really rake in the dough...

: DC:
: That, of course, depends on the economy. In the Victorian era, they often did get quite a bit more than they were "worth", mainly through the unspoken understanding of what might happen to one's food or one's hat if they didn't. But that's besides the point.

: No, EVERYTHING you just said is BESIDES THE POINT.

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