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More ridicule of reality.

Posted by: Stuart Gort ( USA ) on November 25, 1999 at 12:26:20:

In Reply to: No thanks posted by Stoller on November 23, 1999 at 10:16:17:

:: Well, as a communist, I am STRONGLY against any spiritualism---whether or not it supports socialistic conclusions.

I would have bet big money on that.

:: BUT I admire any effort to back up one's position with well-documented citations (which is what Lark---who usually derogates 'hallowed bibles' of all stripes---did for once.

:: You, on the hand, have NEVER presented ANY citations other than the anecdotes that live in your own head...

...and in the heads of about 20,000,000 other guys and gals, who by nature of their high degree of motivation and achieved successes are embarrassingly spirited away as Barry's invisible anecdotal non-entities.

I've used plenty of references, Barry. You tend to ignore them and those of others when they flatly contradict your reality. I don't feel the need to document many of my positions because I assume they are common logic, plainly manifest, or flatly irrefutable. Sometimes I think you are a bit anal about providing references because you exist in a culture that slings theoretical crap about and you fear being flushed by your opponent. I won't flush you, Barry but it would be nice if you would actually address all the declarative statements of a post once in a while.

What ennobles the proletariat?
Why is my labor not my own if I invest it and hire employees?
What entitles you to interesting work?
How can socialism create wealth?
Where is the biblical mandate for the implementation of secular socialism?

All profound questions for redistributionists to answer if they are to convince the complacent masses to revolt.

Stuart Gort

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