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Hey! I'm a cheap capitalist!!

Posted by: Frenchy on November 30, 1999 at 10:55:45:

In Reply to: This is a very cheap shot posted by Bill Phalon on November 29, 1999 at 12:14:52:

: This is a very cheap shot and its author is an example of the success of the U.S. propaganda system.
Yeah, right, "false consciousness" on my part, to use Marxist jargon.
But I take your slings and arrows in stride, after all, there is a large and thriving community of Cubans living in Florida today who were successful in making that perilous trip from Havana and they are in constant communcation with their relatives in Cuba spreading the same "propaganda".

Cuba's economic troubles are due in no small part to the embargo and economic warfare the U.S. has waged against Cuba for decades.
Yeah, except that as I pointed out above the rest of the friggin' world had the opportunity to help the Glorious Defender of la Revolution. Why didn't they?

The plight of refugees is always sad to see, but what about refugees from "capitalist" states such as Mexico, Honduras and Haiti?
Mexico? Capitalist? Honduras? Haiti? What planet do you live on? Why, by the way did you put capitalist in quotes?

People from countries such as these do not get our sympathy--indeed they often get our scorn. But refugees from Cuba are ideologically serviceable as their condition can be blamed on the Communist Monster.

This is an accurate statement. Things are that way probably because it's always been policy to reject economic refugees from political refugees. A sensible seperation.
The solution to the oppressive regimes found south of the border, I feel, lies in secure private ownership, laws that effect that security and the spread of Capitalism. May never work, just look at the ex-Soviet Union. Part of problem there as well as south of the border is cultural. It may be that some cultures are simply incapable of lifting themselves above subsistence living, especially in countries where, for instance, a caste system enforces one to a certain station. What do you think?

: This author claims to be "dying to know," but he appears just eager to abuse.
Actually, it's sarcasm. Abuse is optional.

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