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Let's cut to the chase

Posted by: Stoller on November 30, 1999 at 16:15:49:

In Reply to: Propaganda isn't, if it's true. posted by Dr. Cruel on November 30, 1999 at 10:31:45:

: But this didnít stop Lenin, who went so far as to offer to declare his country on the side of Germany, et. al. (Read Martin Gilbertís book on the First World War. A very good, not particularly "Randian" book). This alliance was, of course, forgotten as soon as the Ludendorf offensive stalled, and the Americans began to make their weight felt. By 1920, with Wrangel leaving the Crimea, the time seemed right for "Internationalism" - thus, the invasion of Poland (for, although Lenin and Co. might have been Marxists, they were also Russian Imperialists, and particularly rabid ones at that. Thus, the surpression of the various ethnic groups once tied to the old Empire...

Let's cut to the chase.

The Soviets did WHATEVER they could do to insure that their government survived in their weak, early years.

If you wish to deny them the 'right' to do so, then may I presume you ALSO deny, say, the Reagan-led USA the same 'right' in their bloody actions that protected their 'self-interests'?

Or do you propose force and expedience for YOUR INTERESTS and peace and scruples for everyone else's?

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