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Posted by: Stoller on November 30, 1999 at 18:58:54:

In Reply to: Marxism, and other Purple Dinosaurs posted by Dr. Cruel on November 30, 1999 at 10:29:16:

In war-torn Leningrad, the city was surrounded by the evil Hitlerites, supposedly to be starved into submission. At the time, food was particularly valuable...

Monopoly conditions ALTER the LTV (which was predicated upon competitive capitalism)---as anyone who actually read Capital will surely recall...

: Food in a city under siege is not a commodity under 'monopoly' conditions. It is rare, far less available than the demand would warrant.

That's a beautiful example of card-stacking there, Doc.

Is not something 'rare, far less available than the demand would warrant' IN FACT monopoly?

Marx: '[Monopoly is] a price only limited by the state of demand, i.e., of demand backed by ability to pay...' (Theories of Surplus-Value, Progress 1968, p. 332).

: P.S. It would seem that you fare poorly in this "debate". Perhaps we should switch sides; at least then you'd have the possibility of working from a position of self-evident fact.

I couldn't keep up with your concatenated, twisted chain of non-sequiturs and contradictions, Doc...

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